About Larrikin Gin

Larrikin Gins and Liqueurs are produced by Kilderkin Distillery, a small distillery located in the historical city of Ballarat. The city has a long history of distilling, both illicit and licit, with the first legal distillery in the colony of Victoria producing gin and whisky in Ballarat from the 1860s until it closed in the mid-1930s.

The name for our distillery is from a small oak barrel or cask, traditionally for ale or spirits, of 18 Imperial Gallons which is a metric equivalent of 81.8 litres. We believe that this size barrel will produce mature spirits of exceptional character.

For us it started over 10 years ago following a lifelong interest in distilling. After a few years of dreams and a few more careful planning, we fulfilled our ambition by launching Larrikin Gin in 2017, thus adding another chapter to distilling in Ballarat.

At Kilderkin Distillery, having fun is part of our identity but we do take some things seriously! We love to share the true-blue Australian larrikin spirit far and wide as well as in our hometown, the fair city of Ballarat.

We believe that there is a touch of larrikin in everyone, and we welcome all good-hearted souls from all walks of life who enjoy a laugh, drink responsibly and are good company to enjoy a Larrikin gin or liqueur!

Why Larrikin?

Our definition of a larrikin is a person with apparent disregard for convention, but who is good-hearted and serious about gin. We want to honour this cheeky Australian side of our nature, while bringing you high-quality gin to enjoy.