Sustainable practices

We aim to operate sustainably and are continually working towards reducing our carbon footprint. We’re not where we want to be yet, but we are building on a range of strategies already in place.

Sourcing local products

We look to source many of our ingredients locally – both Australian made and local to our region to reduce carbon costs associated with transporting goods. We do so for both the distillery bar and the production section of the business This includes using botanicals grown right here in Ballarat for some gins!

In buying local and working with local businesses we are also often supporting small family businesses like our own!

Water usage

We have set up a system for reducing the water and electricity that is used in the distillation process. Cold water is pumped from one 5000 litre tank through the condenser to another tank. This saves thousands of litres of water per month and also uses much less electricity than using a cooling unit.

Energy efficiencies

Solar panels
We have installed solar panels which allow us to produce our own power, feed excess power back into the grid, and save greenhouse gases
from entering the environment. One day we would also like to install a battery to store the power.

Energy efficient appliances

We use energy efficient heating, cooling and refrigeration, including only using split systems across the distillery, the most efficient form of heating and cooling in an older style building.

Minimising waste

We aim to become a zero-waste distillery by re- purposing or recycling any materials that we can. Some examples of what we currently do are included below.

Repurposing grain and botanicals from the distillation
All of our waste grains and botanicals are re- used in various ways including:

  • Making gin-inspired candles in
    collaboration with Mia and Talbot, a local Ballarat company
  • Providing spent botanicals to the
    Federation Tafe Baking School where they have been using them in their baking.
  • Juniper crunch – chocolate made in collaboration with Lucky and James using some of the spent juniper from our gin distillations.

    For any remaining botanicals we share them around all the gardeners who are waiting to pick them up for compost.

Repurposing fruit

We have steeped fruit in the gin following distillation for some of our products. For example, we use blackberries and lemons in two of our products and have also used other fruits, such as cherries, for limited releases such as our cherry gin.

For our limoncello, we only use the peel of the lemons and donate the fruit to jam makers, cafes, bars and locals who use the lemon juice in their cooking.

Blackberries and cherries removed from our gin are used in jams and other condiments (e.g., drunken cherries).

Waste from our Distillery Bar

The citrus that is waste from drinks in the Distillery Door is used to feed the goats of one of our employees.


We recycle or re-use all of the packaging we receive.
Glass, cardboard and plastic bottles are recycled and we now use the newly introduced container deposit scheme. We use GroundUp to recycle our soft plastics and encourage our staff to bring in their soft plastics too.

If you order a bottle from us you may find it packaged in material that has been previously used such as backing paper for labelling. This ensures we get at least one more use from it and we hope that you will also consider re-using or recycling the packaging in some way.