Hand crafted spirits of distinction

Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat - Hand crafted spirits of distinction

At Kilderkin Distillery our focus is on the very best premium gin and whisky. We are dedicated, passionate purists, that have been dreaming about and planning our distillery for a long time. Our stills are designed for lightness of spirit, to produce a smooth and clean drink. Our gins are beautiful neat, on ice or with your favourite mixer. We believe it is possible to design the perfect gin for all occasions.

Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat - Hand crafted spirits of distinction

The name for our distillery is from a small oak barrel or cask, traditionally for ale or spirits, of 18 Imperial Gallons which is a metric equivalent of 81.8 litres. We believe that this size barrel will produce mature spirits of exceptional character.

Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat - Hand crafted spirits of distinction

Kilderkin Distillery

At Kilderkin Distillery our focus is on producing high quality craft spirits. We began by commissioning Peter Bailly, a highly regarded still maker from Knapp Lewer Contracting in Hobart, to manufacture two pot stills to our specifications.

The still designs incorporate specific features to ensure we have clean distilled spirits both for gin and for whisky. This means we can live our dream to produce high quality spirits that will be enjoyed by everyone, including those with a preference for drinking their spirits neat, as well as those who like to add their favourite mixers.

Chris Pratt & Scott Wilson Browne - Kilderkin Distillery

Chris Pratt & Scott Wilson Browne - Kilderkin Distillery

Our Story

When a brewer called Scott with a passion for fine craft beer and spirits, met a Scot called Chris with a lifelong interest in distilling, they decided that it was time to fulfill their ambition. Kilderkin Distillery was born in 2016 after many years of dreams, followed by careful planning.

Located in the historical city of Ballarat, a city with a long history of distilling, both illicit and licit, Kilderkin Distillery is the first distillery in the region since the 1930s, the decade that saw the closure of Warrenheip Distillery, well-known in its day for distilling gin and whisky.

Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat

Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat


Our signature gins are a London Dry Gin and an Australian Gin. Both are infused with juniper, coriander and a range of carefully selected botanicals. We also make available from time to time special limited editions of barrel-aged gins and plan to release a navy strength gin later in the year.

We currently have spirit ageing in kilderkin barrels. After much consideration we selected these barrels to ensure timely ageing of our whisky taking account of the temperature changes across each year that impact on flavour. We expect our first whiskies to be available in 2019.


Notes of juniper and coriander, balanced with intrigue from the grains of paradise, cinnamon verum, green and brown cardamom and other botanicals along with accents of fresh citrus. A well balanced classic gin, distilled to the highest standards. smooth with great length and  a superb mixer.

42% ABV

$ 75.00

THE Larrikin

Highlights of lemon myrtle, with hints of spice and warmth from native botanicals. Well complemented by the essential gin botanicals juniper and coriander. A really well balanced gin, with incredibly smooth mouthfeel, and amazing drinkability. Great on its own and also lends to the creation of new mixed drinks.

42% ABV

$ 80.00

THE Buccaneer

THE Buccaneer is a navy strength gin, produced with plenty of flavour extracted from our quality botanicals, including an extra ration of juniper and added limes. A well balanced classic gin. The extra strength means this is the ideal base for cocktails where only smooth and strong gin will ensure your ambitions are not scuttled.

57% ABV

$ 95.00

Barrel Aged Gin

The first release of a barrel-aged gin (Batch #1) using our London Dry Gin carefully aged in small American Oak Barrels.  Ageing softens the juniper, but seems to lift the other botanicals including the coriander, oris, angelica, and green and brown caradamom.  The gin is soft and smooth with oaky nuances.

43.5% ABV

$ 95.00

In the Media

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Kilderkin Distillery Ballarat

We invite you to come along to the distillery at 11A Michaels Drive in Ballarat to discover and taste our fine spirits along with the opportunity to check out the stills. As we are co-located with Red Duck Brewery, well known for its range of excellent beers, there is also the opportunity to enjoy some beer.


Visitors are welcome at the distillery.
Our cellar door, which we are fortunate to share with Red Duck Brewery is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 12 to 5pm Saturday.
Other times by appointment only.


Visit Kilderkin Distillery:
11A Michaels Drive, Alfredton Ballarat, VIC 3350
Get Directions
For all enquiries phone Chris
0424 791 790 or 03 5332 0723


We offer guided tours of
the distillery for small groups.

Please call us for more information.


Saturday 21st October – Sunday 22nd October, 12pm-8pm
Meat Market, North Melbourne

Melbourne 6 Day Race
5-10 December
DISC, Thornbury, Melbourne, VIC

Please check our facebook page for the latest news and events.


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