Distillery Door

We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy gin tasting flights, gin and tonics (and other mixers), gin liqueurs, select cocktails, or a beer or wine.  Cheese platters are also be available. Or simply call in to buy your favourite gin or liqueur to take home.

Bookings are preferred by calling 0423 000 166 or by email info@kilderkindistillery.com.au

And if you are in Ballarat we also attend the Ballarat Farmers Market in Zoo Drive (Lake Wendouree) on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from 9am to 1pm.

Why Larrikin?

Our definition of a larrikin is a person with apparent disregard for convention, but who is good-hearted and serious about gin. We want to honour this cheeky Australian side of our nature, while bringing you high-quality gin to enjoy.


We choose to vapour infuse our artisan gins with many different botanicals drawn from around the globe, including some wonderful and unique Australian botanicals. This production technique, which involves forcing the vapour through baskets containing the botanicals during distillation, allows the flavours to be slowly integrated in the gin. This ensures smooth and well-balanced spirits for everyone’s enjoyment, including those with a preference for drinking spirits neat, with selected mixers, and in cocktails. We are proud to say that our gins are distilled, hand bottled and labelled in the regional town of Ballarat, Victoria!


We aim to operate sustainably and are increasingly working towards reducing our carbon footprint. We have a range of strategies in place to achieve this including:

Using recyclable packaging minimising waste, by recasting products (e.g., botanicals) and re-using water used in the distillation process, sourcing locally based products when we can, and by using energy efficient appliances